Hello! Welcome to Vickicity!

No matter how we arrive here or where we're heading, we will always have a place we call home. Vickicity is a safe environment for entertainment and inspiration. You, like many others, have wandered on to my website and wondered what this is all about.

Well, my name is Vicki, and I created this city to give us a homely feeling to wherever we go. Vickicity doesn't just promote me; it defines togetherness. We come together and meet here to feel a belonging. I welcome all travelers.

If you come and you like what you see, you are always welcome to stay. If you come and you decide this isn't for you, it's okay to leave. Vickicity is 100 percent me that I would like to share with the world.

So come join the fun and explore a little before you leave. Just make yourself at home. This is where you can kick back and just relax. All I hope is that you will leave this place with something you can share with others.