INFOmap: Indoor Navigation For the Optically-Challenged


INFOmap is a handheld navigation software for the Android mobile operating system. INFOmap is the Spring 2010 CS426 senior project of three computer science undergraduate students at the University of Nevada, Reno.

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The project primarily focused on helping blind patrons navigate the interior of buildings. It utilizes voice command and crowdsourcing to build a database of objects within the building. A map of the building can be downloaded off the internet and the user can then enter key items such as vending machines, restrooms, and chairs through voice and photo. Since the information is collected from a variety of users, the data will be compared to other entries to confirm the object and its location to prevent false information. As more objects are entered, the more accurate and fully navigational the area will become. While the project is focused on helping the blind, it can also be used by any user unfamiliar with a building.

Abridged Team Information

Team 1
Instructor and Advisor: Dr. Eelke Folmer, CSE Department, UNR

Team Members:
- Kevin Grant
- Alex Tam
- Angela Proffitt


Team Members

The team consists three Computer Science undergrads at the University of Nevada, Reno under the guidance and advisement of Dr. Eelke Folmer.

Alex Tam, Kevin Grant, and Angela Proffitt

Alex Tam

Alex is currently an undergrad in Computer Science achieving a Bachelor of Science degree. He is very detail-oriented and super efficient; has an eye for aesthetics; and is experienced programming in C++, Java, JavaScript, PHP, and ASP. He is interested in designing user interfaces to be more useful and intuitive and will be involved in programming, web development, and aesthetic design.

Kevin Grant

Kevin has a good understanding of proper programming practices, and a very strong background in networking and communication skills. He has previously worked on large structured projects under the advisement of Eelke Folmer and is currently continuing his research under him. In this specific project, Kevin will be an assisting Alex Tam in the specific programming that he needs, but will primarily be acting as project manager, keeping the team on track and making all of the necessary meetings and networkings necessary to finish and complete a finished product.

Angela Proffitt

Angela has been programming since High School at an academy in Las Vegas. She is graduating in the spring of 2010 with a Bachelors of Science in Computer Science and a minor in Mathematics and Interactive Gaming. She is most versatile in C++ with an interest in human interaction and gaming. As the newest member of the project, she will be involved in designing and programming.



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