1966 Mercury Park Lane

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This is my latest project. I've been working on it for almost three months and I've finally finished! It got really annoying towards the end because I'm such a perfectionist that I had to keep tweaking it. I finally told myself it's good enough and now it's done. I'm really disappointed with AMT/Ertl's quality with their kits since the parts don't fit together real well and it takes a buttload of work to make it look decent. Anyways, I've very happy with this kit. I wish I could have found the green paint they used on the model on the box, but this blue works. The blue is Metallic Cobalt Blue made by Rustoleum. I used cheap black primer for the chassis and Testers enamal model paint for detailing. Anyways on to some pics. I tried my best, but the camera's autofocus really sucks sometimes (I have no manual zoom/focus).

The box. 1966 Mercury Park Lane Hardtop. 1:25 scale. It's funny, the box shows the engine as the stock V8 while the engine that comes in the box is different.

The interior bucket sans dash. According to my Ford book, the 427ci Super Maurader V8 (which is the engine they provided with this kit) came with a 4-spd manual transmission, but this model has automatic transmission pedals. Someone didn't do their research when they made this kit.

Dashboard is just as detailed. Click for larger image.

Window and rear view mirror.

Here's the engine. According to the instruction sheet, it's a 427ci "Super Marauder" V8.

Chassis without body.

Here's the front fender. I wish the tires came with whitewalls like the box shows. I tried to paint it on, but that turned out badly since the paint leaked into the tread and wouldn't stay in the whitewall groove. Click for larger image.

Here's the front. I painted a lot of the badges on the car with a toothpick. Click for larger image.

Here's some detailed shots of the battery and badges. I even painted the stripes on the taillights! Click for larger image.

Some various shots. Click for larger image.

Some artsy night pictures. Click for larger image.

And the custom alternative model. It has a black primer hood with custom hood insert and dragster style wheels. Click for larger image.