1985 Camaro Z-28

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This is what its supposed to look like:

This is what I made it look like:

Cracked dash, cracked leather seat, some mud on the floor, and dust everywhere.

The motor in all it's dusty glory! 305ci 4bbl V8!

The dirty bottom. I wasn't too pleased with the mud until I "dusted" it.

If you look closely at the where the hood meets the front fascia, the side rocker panel, and the top of the fenders, you'll see areas where it looks like the dust has been rubbed off from "daily use". I also managed to get the wipers to clean the windshield.

Busted out taillamp and the infamous "Wash Me" on the hatch. There's also an area on the spoiler where the dust has been rubbed off from "use".